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    Case CVX 175 Tier III v1.1 Обновлённая версия.

    -AdustableAttachers implemented! When a trailer is attached you can now move the attacher up and down
    -Bug that caused the front linkage to freak out is now resolved
    -Lots of tweaking done with the rear 3pt, it should now work more accurately
    -Steering column now lowers more
    -Center of mass changed, it should now be much harder to tip over
    -Honk specialization implemented. HONK HONK
    -Increased the FOV of the indoor camera to 60
    -Front suspension should no longer flicker when the front load is heavy
    -New wheel/groundParticles-script
    -When opening/closing the rear window, the dynamic camera no longer “snaps” in to it’s new position
    -All new sounds! One at least, but the rest are improved
    -The topTrailerAttacher is now hidden when the 3pt is used
    -Steering wheel is improved overall
    -Wheel collisions now exists, beware!
    -It’s much easier to open the rear window using the IC button
    -Indicators and brake-lights are more visible now, with a default corona on some as well
    -Indicators no longer automatically turns off.
    -Front toplink is now hidden when nothing is attached
    -Parts of the interior now moves!
    -dirtShader.xml is updated to include normal-maps as well for more realistic dirt/mud
    -Washable specialization is changed, now the vehicle only gets dirty when on the field
    -Updated dirt-textures
    -New normal-maps and improved textures!
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